Literature ATAR

  • Course Code - ATLIT
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

The Literature ATAR course is designed for students seeking a university pathway, and focuses on the study of literary texts, as well as developing students as independent, innovative, critical and creative learners and thinkers who appreciate the aesthetic use of language; evaluate perspectives and evidence; and challenge ideas and interpretations.

The course explores how literary texts construct representations, shape perceptions of the world, enabling students to construct meaning and enter other worlds of the imagination. Students actively participate in the dialogue of literary analysis and the creation of imaginative and analytical texts in a range of modes, media and forms.

Students enjoy and respond creatively and critically to literary texts drawn from the past and present and from Australian and other cultures. They reflect on what these texts offer them as individuals, as members of Australian society and as world citizens.

Students establish and articulate their views through creative response and logical argument. They reflect on qualities of literary texts, appreciate and utilize the power of language and inquire into the relationships between texts, authors, readers, audiences and contexts as they explore ideas, concepts, attitudes and values.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Satisfactory performance in Year 11 ATAR Literature