Computer Science General

  • Course Code - GTCSC
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $70.00

Based on previous years pricing and subject to change.

Course Outline

This course is a continuation from Year 11 Computer Science General course. The emphasis in Year 12 is on expanding our knowledge from Year 11 and focuses on more advanced concepts for Spreadsheets, Databases and Programming. A new focus on System Analysis and Information tracking this year means the students will be creating Context Diagrams for Businesses as well.
We revisit Games Design as well and build upon the knowledge gained in the Year 11 course to expand our Game Design and Programming ability. Students will be expected to design more complex programs and complete flow charts and algorithms for their designs. Lastly students get to dig deeper into Network configuration with the Cisco Networking package.

Skills Outline

  • Advanced Spreadsheet and Database usage
  • Creation of Context Diagrams
  • Advance Programming design including Algorithms and Flow charts
  • New GameMaker techniques designed to extend students level design ability
  • Networking design and configuration using Cisco’s Standards

Minimum Entrance Requirements

C grade in Year 11 Computer Science General