Human Biology ATAR

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  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

Human biology covers a wide range of ideas relating to the functioning human. Students learn about themselves, relating structure to function and how integrated regulation allows individuals to survive in a changing environment. They research new discoveries that are increasing our understanding of the causes of dysfunction, which can lead to new treatments and preventative measures.

Through a combination of classical genetics, and advances in molecular genetics, dynamic new biotechnological processes have resulted. Population genetics is studied to highlight the longer term changes leading to natural selection and evolution of our species.

An understanding of human biology is valuable for a variety of career paths. The course content deals directly and indirectly with many different occupations in fields, such as science education, medical and paramedical fields, food and hospitality, childcare, sport and social work.

The Year 12 syllabus is divided into two units:

Unit 3 - Homeostasis and disease

This unit explores the nervous and endocrine systems and the mechanisms that help maintain the systems of the body to function within normal range, and the body’s immune responses to invading pathogens.

Unit 4 – Human variation and evolution

This unit explores the variations in humans, their changing environment and evolutionary trends in homonids.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of Year 11 ATAR Human Biology.