Visual Arts General

  • Qualification Code - GTVAR
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $160.00

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Course Outline

The General Visual Arts course encourages students to engage in traditional, modern and contemporary art forms. Within the parameters of the task brief, students will have the opportunities to express their imagination, develop personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of final artworks. Task briefs will contain ideas for their work based upon drawings, research and investigation of artists and art movements. All research and drawing ideas produced in the course will be presented in a journal and all resolved artworks are to be submitted for assessment.
The course is divided into two units, each of one semester duration.
Unit 3 – Inspirations
The focus for Unit 3 is Inspirations. Students base art making and interpretation on their lives and personal experiences, observations of the immediate environment, events and/or special occasions.
Unit 4 – Investigations
The focus for Unit 4 is Investigations. Students explore ways to generate and develop ideas using a variety of stimulus materials and explorations from their local environment in their art making and interpretation.
In each unit the course content is divided into two content areas:
  • Art making – Production
  • Art interpretation – Written

Minimum Entrance Requirements

None, though Year 11 Visual Arts units are desirable

Further Study

TAFE courses in Visual Arts and Design