Geography General

  • Course Code - GTGEO
  • Non-University Pathway

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Course Outline

Geography Units 3 and 4 focus on hazards and impact minimisation as well as globalisation of products and culture throughout the world.

In Unit 3, the focus will be explored through the contexts of earthquakes and tsunamis and ecological hazards (infectious diseases such as COVID-19) including how they are caused, the impacts that these hazards have on the natural and cultural environment and the policies being put in place to minimise the risk of these hazards in the future.

The theme of Unit 4 is that of global networks and interconnections and how a product or service (Tourism) and an element of culture (music) have globalised and spread around the world, and the impacts of this. Units 3 and 4 require students to participate in fieldwork activities involving conducting surveys, fieldwork to the Swan Valley and interviews with experts in their field, which are compulsory and assessable items.

Skills Outline

This course aims to enable students to develop a variety of skills related to the formulation, investigation and presentation of geographical information, including the ability to:

  • Think critically
  • Conduct research and evaluate information
  • Debate geographical issues
  • Form conclusions and
  • Collect and collate data

Minimum Entrance Requirements