Modern History General

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  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The course is delivered within two different units throughout the College year:

Unit 3

Societies and Change is taught within the context of the USA between the wars 1918 to 1941. Students will learn how the United States emerged as a world power after World War One and then shifted to a focus on isolationism. Students will also learn about key individuals, groups and leaders who shaped the significant change experienced during the 1920s. Students will study the social, economic and political impacts of the Great Depression and how the US emerged from this period as a result of World War Two.

Unit 4

Historical Trends and Movements focuses upon the following context: Nazism in Germany 1918 to 1945. Students will learn about the historical trends behind the evolution of the Nazi movement in Germany during the 1920s and early 1930s. Students will also learn about key individuals, groups and the Great Depression which created a climate for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party to come to power in 1933. Students will study the social, economic, political and cultural impacts of Nazi ideologies and policies on various groups in German society during the 1930s to mid 1940s.

Skills Outline

  • Chronology, terms and concepts
  • Historical questions and research
  • Analysis and use of sources
  • Perspectives and interpretations
  • Explanation and communication


  • Elements of a society at the start of the period
  • Key people, ideas and events over the period
  • Consequences of continuity and change over the period

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Sound writing and reading skills