Wood Material Design and Technology General

  • Course Code - GTMDTW
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $130.00

Based on previous years pricing and subject to change. See Additional Cost Item Information Sheet for additional costs.

Course Outline

This course is an extension of the principles, practices and fundamentals of design technology taught in year 11 Wood. They will work with a range of new and exciting materials, including the classifications, their properties and suitability.  

Students as confident young adults will be encouraged to work independently with their extended knowledge about new design concepts and paradigms to help generate ideas for the production and completion of projects. We will be building on the technological knowledge and practical skills learnt in Year 11 to successfully integrate these elements of design into their work practices.

It is an advantage to have some previous experience in technology processes or have completed the course in year 11 to facilitate a more fluid transition and building on the skills already learnt.

Projects include coffee table, bench and charcuterie board.
The course is outlined into three areas materials, design and use of technology.
Workshop Safety Compliance
Students are expected to wear safety glasses at all times in the workshop. Covered shoes are the minimum required standard of footwear.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

C grade in Yr 11 Woodwork desirable.