Politics and Law ATAR

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Course Outline

This Course is a critical study of the processes of decision-making concerning society’s collective future. Students will examine various aspects of the Commonwealth Constitution, including the roles and powers of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, with a comparison to a non-Westminster system; the influence of individuals, political parties and pressure groups on the law making process of parliament and the courts. Students will also examine how rights are protected, and democratic principles can be upheld and/or undermined.

This Course is designed to provide students with the skills to positively contribute and make informed decisions when it comes to their interactions with the Australian political and legal system.

Unit 3: Political and legal power

Primary focus: on the establishment of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution, the various countries that influenced the make-up of the Australian Constitution and the changing nature of Australia’s approach to federalism. Students will also critically analyse the role of the High Court of Australia, with contemporary case studies.

Unit 4: Accountability and rights

Accountability of our elected and appointed officials, as well as the protection of the people’s rights. Students will critically examine these processes in the United States of America in order to compare and contrast the Australian experience.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Succesful completion of Year 11 Politics and Law