Design (Photography) General

  • Course Code - GEDESP
  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The Photography course develops students’ photographic skills and application of design elements and principles. With access to digital SLR cameras with a variety of lenses, lighting, and the full Adobe Creative Suite, the course also aims to improve student’s prospects for employment in the photographic and publishing industries.

Unit 3 – Product design

The focus of this unit on commercial photography skills such as product photography.
Students learn about photography in the commercial world, as a means for organisations to communicate to specific audiences, promoting products, services and brands. Students are encouraged to build their capacity to complete commercial work while pursuing their personal interests.

Unit 4 – Cultural design

The focus of this unit is on event and documentary photography skills.
Students learn the power of photography to document lived experience, lifestyles and values in our diverse society. Students are encouraged to explore their place in society and pursue their interests in photographing cultural events and experiences.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Experience in photography would be advantageous