Mathematics Methods ATAR

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  • Course Code - ATMAM
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

This course is designed for students whose future pathways may involve mathematics and statistics and their applications in a range of disciplines at the tertiary level. This includes further studies in the health and social sciences. The major themes of the Mathematics Methods course are calculus and statistics. 

The Mathematics Methods course aims to develop students:

  • understanding of concepts and techniques drawn from algebra, the study of functions, calculus, probability and statistics
  • ability to solve applied problems using concepts and techniques drawn from algebra, functions, calculus, probability and statistics
  • reasoning in mathematical and statistical contexts and interpretation of mathematical and statistical
  • information, including ascertaining the reasonableness of solutions to problems
  • capacity to communicate¬†
  • in a concise and systematic manner using appropriate mathematical and statistical language
  • capacity to choose and use technology appropriately and efficiently.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of Year 11 ATAR Mathematics Methods

Further Study

Almost all tertiary education courses.