Technical Graphics (Design) General

  • Course Code - GTDEST
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $52.00

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Course Outline

Students learn to use state of the art software to create solutions to design problems. Students participating in the Course will be extending the skill set developed in the Year 11 Course.

Advanced modelling, materials manipulation, lighting and render techniques will be learned and applied to a range of contexts. These include Manufacturing drawing, creating 3D animations in advertising, designing and creating assets for computer games, Architectural Design.

Students learn on the latest versions of industry standard software, including 3Ds Max, Inventor, and Premiere Pro.

The course will be beneficial for students who are looking for careers in the breadth of design areas including product design, 3D visualisation, architecture and engineering. Students currently studying Materials Design and Technology – Wood, would also find the Course advantageous.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

C Grade in Year 11 Computer Assisted Design desirable