Biology ATAR

  • Course Code - ATBLY
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

Biology is the study of the diversity of life as it has evolved and as it interacts and functions. Investigation of biological systems and their interactions, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics, has led to biological knowledge and understanding that enable us to explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological issues, and understand the processes of biological continuity and change over time. Biology provides a foundation for students to critically consider and to make informed decisions about contemporary biological issues.

Understanding of biological concepts, as well as general science knowledge and skills, is relevant to a range of careers, including those in medical, veterinary, food and marine sciences, agriculture, biotechnology, environmental rehabilitation, biosecurity, quarantine, conservation and eco-tourism.

Unit 3 – Continuity of species

Students investigate mechanisms of heredity and the ways in which inheritance patterns can be explained, modelled and predicted; they connect these patterns to population dynamics and apply the theory of evolution by natural selection in populations.

Unit 4 – Surviving in a changing environment

Investigation of system change and continuity in response to changing conditions and pathogens; homeostasis and the transmission and impact of infectious disease; considering the factors that encourage or reduce the spread of infectious disease at the population level.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Succesful completion of Year 11 ATAR Biology.