Physics ATAR

  • Course Code - ATPHY
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

The Physics ATAR course uses qualitative and quantitative models and theories based on physical laws to visualise, explain and predict physical phenomena. Models, laws and theories are developed from, and their predictions are tested by, making observations and quantitative measurements.

Students will gather, analyse and interpret primary and secondary data to investigate a range of phenomena and technologies using some of the most important models, laws and theories of physics, including the kinetic particle model, the atomic model, electromagnetic theory, and the laws of classical mechanics.

The Physics ATAR course will provide a foundation in physics knowledge, understanding and skills for those students who wish to pursue tertiary study in science, engineering, medicine and technology.

Unit 3 – Gravity and electromagnetism

Students investigate models of motion in gravitational, electric and magnetic fields to explain how forces act at a distance.

Unit 4 – Revolutions in modern physics

Students use the theory of electromagnetism to explain the production and propagation of electromagnetic waves and investigate how shortcomings in existing theories led to the development of the quantum theory of light and matter, the Special Theory of Relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Succesful completion of Year 11 ATAR Physics is essential.