Visual Arts ATAR

  • Course Code - ATVAR
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

The Visual Arts ATAR course encompasses the practice and theory of the broad areas of Visual Art. Students are encourage to explore and represent ideas and gain an awareness of the role that artists play in reflecting, challenging and shaping our society. The Visual Arts ATAR course allows students to develop aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness to appreciate and make informed evaluations of art through their engagement of the own art practice and the work of others.

Students will study two semester long themes, “Social Commentary” and “Point of View”. The course is separated into two equally weighted areas, Art Making and Art Interpretation. Within Art Making, students will be expected to produce a visual journal of inquiry, exploring drawing, design, influences, media testing, documentation, reflection culminating in the production of a final work of art. Art Interpretation encompasses two areas, Critical Analysis and Investigation.

Tasks will include analysing artworks, applying art language, exploring art movements, developing art works, writing artist statements, analytical and investigative essays. This course culminates in a written exam and a practical exam, both of which are equally weighted and externally assessed.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts Course. B grade in Year 11 English.

Further Study

Tertiary courses in the Creative Arts and Design. Certificate courses in the Creative Industries.