Workplace Learning

  • Course Code - ADWPL
  • Non-University Pathway

Estimated Cost: $107.00

Based on previous years pricing and subject to change. Course charge includes workshops, employer documentation and student logbook.

Course Outline

Students will be given an opportunity to develop and demonstrate increasing competence in the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills.  Students will learn to apply and adapt workplace skills that are necessary to understand and carry out different types of work.

Students must complete an arranged period of time in a suitable workplace, with the work placement day being a Wednesday.  

WPL Application Form - Prior to applying for the WPL program, students should ensure that they have read and understood the 2022 MSC Workplace Learning Policy outlined in this WPL Application.

Core Skills Outline

  • Manage career and work life
  • Work with roles, rights and protocols
  • Communicate for work
  • Connect and work with others
  • Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives
  • Plan and organise
  • Make decisions
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Create and innovate
  • Work in the digital world

Minimum Entrance Requirements

  • Positive attitude and interest
  • Completion of the application.