Dance ATAR

  • Course Code - ATDAN
  • University Pathway

Estimated Cost: $130.00

Based on previous years pricing and subject to change. See Additional Cost Item Information Sheet for additional costs.

Course Outline

Semester 1 – Unit 3 - Youth Voice

Students will focus on:

  • Creating dance that explores original concepts and expresses personal ideas.
  • Choreographic processes
  • Improvisational skills
  • Critical evaluation of dance and design
  • Contemporary technique
  • Experiential anatomy
  • Case studies
  • WACE contemporary Set Solo
  • Opportunities to view live performances as excursions and incursions.

Semester 2 – Unit 4 - Extending the Boundaries

Students will focus on:

  • Contemporary technique
  • WACE contemporary Set Solo
  • Creating of an Original Solo 
  • Choreographic structures
  • Application of dance terminology
  • Complex dance skills
  • Health & safety issues for a dance career
  • Improvisational skills 
  • Interview skills for auditions
  • Choreography for concert

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of Yr 11 ATAR Dance
If no previous Yr 11 ATAR Dance experience an audition will be required

Further Study

Diploma Dance or Bachelor of Arts (Dance)  WAAPA
Certificate in Dance
Certificate in Dance Teaching