Outdoor Education General

  • Course Code - GTOED
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $130.00

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Course Outline

This course focuses on building confidence in the outdoors and outdoor leadership. Students will:

  • Understand basic planning and organisational requirements.
  • Develop camping, survival and navigation skills.
  • Develop risk management principles, safe practice development and emergency response procedures.
  • Develop personal and interpersonal skills.
  • Increase their environmental awareness through study of the natural ¬†environment, the concept of wilderness ¬†and the impact of technology.

Skills Outline

This may include: Stand Up Paddle Boarding; Snorkelling; Abseiling/Roping and Rock Climbing; camping and bushcraft; navigation; hiking; expedition planning and experience. The availability of resources and the specific expertise of the teacher will determine the experiences chosen for each class.

NOTE: Students are required to attend expeditions during which they will be assessed on course outcomes. This includes two, 3-day expeditions and a one day excursion. The expeditions are just prior to the end of semester and students will need to be organised to keep up with work in other courses.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

As much of the unit is water based it is essential that students have the ability to swim 200m continuously in open water. Students should have a passion for outdoor pursuits and it is highly recommended that students have a good level of fitness, as this course is physically challenging.

Further Study

Training courses in Sport & Recreation