Modern History ATAR

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  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

Delivered in two different units through the year:

Unit 3

Modern Nations in the 20th Century encompasses the historical context of Russia and the Soviet Union 1914 to 1945, examining the characteristics of Tsarist Russia and its transition to communism. Students will explore the ways in which the nation dealt with internal divisions and external threats, to emerge with a deeper understanding of the character of Soviet society.

Unit 4

The struggle for peace in the Middle East. Students will learn about the establishment of state of Israel and the consequences this has had socially, politically and economically on the Middle East. Students will also study the various wars in the region between 1948 - 1991 and the consequences of foreign involvement in both working for and against the peace process.

Skills Outline

  • Chronology, terms and concepts
  • Historical questions and research
  • Analysis and use of sources
  • Perspectives and interpretations
  • Explanation and communication


  • The impact of Economic, External forces/international relations, Ideas, Leadership, Political and Social/cultural factors.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Succesful completion of Year 11 Modern History ATAR