Human Biology General

  • Course Code - GTHBY
  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The Human Biology General course gives students an opportunity to learn about themselves; relating the structure of the different body systems to their function and understanding the interdependence of these systems in maintaining life.

Students will engage in activities exploring the coordination of the musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrine systems. They explore the various methods of transmission of diseases and the responses of the human immune system.

An understanding of human biology is valuable for a variety of career paths. The course content deals directly and indirectly with many different occupations in areas, such as sport science, childcare, food and hospitality and health education.

The Year 12 syllabus is divided into two units:

Unit 3 – Coordination

Explores bones, muscles, nerves and hormones and how they maintain the body to act in a coordinated manner.

Unit 4 – Infectious disease

Explores the causes and spread of disease and how humans respond to invading pathogens. 

Minimum Entrance Requirements

An understanding of the Year 11 content is assumed knowledge for students in Year 12. It is recommended that students studying Year 12 Human Biology have completed Year 11 General or ATAR Human Biology.