CHC22015 - Certificate II in Community Services

This course is delivered through an auspicing arrangement with IVET Group RTO: 40548 & RTO: 32413

  • Qualification Code - CHC22015
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $120.00

Course Outline

Students who enjoy working with people and helping others would be well suited to this course.  The course suits individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Community Services. Both theory and practical components are included.

Students will work with diverse groups across the community including young children, people with disabilities, senior citizens and people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Completing a First Aid course will also be a component of this certificate.  

Units of Competency include:

  • CHCCOM001: Provide first point ofcontact
  • CHCCOM005: Communicate and work in health of Community Services
  • CHCDIV001: Work with diverse people
  • BSBWOR202: Organise and complete daily work activities
  • HLTWHS001: Participate in workplace health and safety
  • FSKLRG09: Use strategies to respond to routine work place problems
  • HLTAID003: Provide First Aid
  • FSKDIG03: Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks
  • FSKDIG10: Read and respond to routine workplace information

Minimum Entrance Requirements


Further Study

Certificate III and higher in Health and Community Services, Children’s Services, Youth Work, Disability Work or Aged Care.