Food Science and Technology General

  • Course Code - GEFST
  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The focus for Unit 1 is food choices and health: students learn about food through practical preparation skills in relation to themselves and their future.  They work with readily available foods to address individual requirements, eating habits and lifestyles.

Students learn about:
•    Food as a commodity
•    Nutrition
•    Properties when developing products or recipes

The focus for Unit 2 is food for communities; students explore relationships between consumers and enterprises in communities and how these impact on the availability and diversity of food services, products and equipment.

Students learn about:
•    Bulk food preparation
•    Cutting techniques
•    Nutrition
•    Preparation of multi-course meals
•    Ethical and community issues

Skills Outline

•    Safe and hygienic work practices
•    Preparation methods used to produce food products
•    Choosing recipes to suit a purpose
•    Effects of processing of food
•    Variety and availability of local foods

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Further Study

Year 12 - Food Science & Technology General Course Code GTFST

Coastal Cluster

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