Business, Management and Enterprise General

  • Course Code - GEBME
  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The Business Management and Enterprise General course gives students the opportunity to understand how vital business is to individuals and society.

The Business Management and Enterprise General course aims to prepare all students for a future where they will need to identify possibilities and create opportunities within a business environment. This course provides students with the ability to make sound and ethical business decisions based on critical thinking and gives them knowledge to help start their own business in the future.

Skills Outline

Some of the key concepts which will be covered include:
•    understand marketing
•    understand how organisational practices, procedures and structures function.
•    understand the impact of beliefs and values on business activity
•    understand the impact of economic environments, government policies and legal requirements on business activity
•    understand the impact of technologies
•    apply business skills, tools and processes
•    demonstrate interpersonal skills required for effective business operations
•    investigate and evaluate innovative and enterprising opportunities

Minimum Entrance Requirements


Further Study

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