Year 12 WACE Exam Timetables

From Thursday, 10 September 2020, students will be able to download their Personalised written examinations timetable and Personalised practical examination timetable from the student portal at

The Personalised written examinations timetable will contain the date, time and examination centre for the student’s written examinations. The Personalised practical examination timetable will contain the date, time, venue and location of the student’s practical examination.

The 2020 Year 12 ATAR course written and practical examinations timetables are provided below.

Year 12 WACE Written Exam Timetable

Year 12 WACE Practical Exam Timetable

If you would like more information regarding the upcoming WACE exams, please visit the SCSA webpage:

All Year 12 students should have completed the required  Student Declaration and Permission online by 3 July.  More information regarding the declaration can be found here.

Please note: Students will be required to complete the Student Declaration and Permission when they log in to the student portal before they can gain access to other important information, such as their course enrolments, examination timetable/s and results.