Year 12 Semester 2 Exam Information and Timetable

To see the Year 12 Semester 2  Exam Timetable, please click HERE.

The Semester 2 exams run from Monday 3 October to Tuesday 11 October.  No holidays should be taken during this time.



Examinations will be conducted by teaching staff under WACE examination conditions as outlined below.

All students please take notice that from the time you enter the exam room until you leave you are under the authority of the exam supervisors.

Students are required to be in the examination room 5 minutes before the scheduled start
•    8.20 a.m. for morning examinations
•    12.25 p.m. for afternoon examinations
Students who are late to examinations should proceed to the examination room.  Entry to the exam room will be at the discretion of the supervising teacher only.  No compensation for time missed will be made unless there are extenuating circumstances.


Students should bring sufficient writing, erasing, ruling and colouring requirements to cover all their needs and check that any calculator is permissible for each examination and should be aware of the Mindarie Senior College Assessment Policy.

No food is allowed in the exam room.  Drinks in clear plastic containers without labels only.

Communication with other candidates is not permitted from the time you enter until you leave the room.  If you have a query, put your hand up and wait for a supervisor.

All types of watches, mobile telephones and ipods etc are NOT permitted in the exam rooms and must be turned off in bags.

No student is to leave the examination room until the time allotted for the end of the examination.

Students are responsible for arranging their own transport if examinations finish after the normal time for the end of the College day.

As the examinations are part of the normal school program ALL students are advised that they are expected to adhere to the school dress code.  Failure to do so may cause exclusion from the examination until the correct uniform is worn.