Year 12 Presentation Evening - Thursday, 29 October

The Year 12 Presentation Evening is the final formal for Year 12 students. This is a significant occasion where we celebrate and farewell the Class of 2020.   Awards will be given for outstanding achievement and community involvement. Our talented Performing Arts students will also showcase their talents during the night.  Students will be dressed in an academic gown and will cross the stage to be recognised for their commitment to secondary schooling.

All students are expected to maintain their good standing until they leave the College, or their right to attend the Presentation Evening may be rescinded.

EVENT:     Year 12 Presentation Evening
DATE:       Thursday, 29 October 2020
VENUE:     Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
TIME:        Promptly @ 5.30pm for students– Pavilion One, PCEC
                  No later than 6.30pm for parents – Riverside Theatre, PCEC
                  5.00pm for family photos – Pavilion One, PCEC

Please Note:  Year 12 students do not require a ticket and there is a limit of 2 tickets per family (due to COVID restrictions)

How do I collect the tickets?
There is a maximum of two tickets available per family at a total cost of $25.00 or $12.50 each for one ticket.
The tickets can be purchased from Tuesday, 22 September via BPoint on our website (link below) or at the College from our Finance Officer.  
Tickets are to be collected from the College Reception from 22 September.

What time do students arrive?
Students are required to arrive at PCEC at 5:30pm to be issued their gown. Students will be briefed on the format of the ceremony in two separate assemblies next week.

What do students wear?
Students are expected to dress in neat respectable attire. Footwear needs to be suitable for walking across the stage; so very high heels should not be worn.
Each student will be issued with an academic gown which will be worn over their clothes for the duration of the ceremony. The gowns will be collected at the end of the evening by Mentor teachers. Students will collect a Presentation pack on the return of their gown.

What time do I need to arrive?
Parents should arrive no later than 6:20pm for a 6:30pm start. Ushers will show guests to their seats inside the theatre ensuring restrictions are followed regarding seating arrangements.
Refreshments will be available at the bar near the theatre. As it is a school event, alcohol will not be sold but tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available for purchase before the evening’s proceedings commence.

How do I get there?
The train on the Joondalup Line will travel all the way to Elizabeth Quay, which is only a short walk to PCEC. Otherwise there is ample parking underneath the Convention Centre.

How do I arrange professional photography?
Bliss Studio will be on site to capture all the moments of this important milestone.
Bliss Studio will also be available prior to the ceremony at PCEC from 5pm for family and individual photos in Pavilion One.
During the ceremony, all proceedings on stage will be photographed, which includes certificate presentations, awards, performances and speakers. 

Details on how to order the photos will be emailed to all parents once the photos have been uploaded to the Bliss Studio webpage.