Year 11 Students' Last Day and Exam Information

The last day for Year 11 students who study all GENERAL courses is Friday, 5 November 2021.  However, at the discretion of staff, students may negotiate with their teachers to complete outstanding work after this date.

Year 11 students studying ATAR courses commence exams on Monday, 8 November and the final exam is scheduled for Wednesday 17 November.  Students must present identification (Smartrider or individual timetable) before sitting the exam. The College uniform must be worn by all students returning to complete work and sit exams.

Students studying ATAR courses will be supplied with an exam timetable and copies will be available from the College reception. You can also find the timetable below. Students are again reminded to carefully check the start times and exam scheduling for their courses.

Year 11 ATAR Exam Timetable

Students studying ATAR courses are expected at College on Friday, 19 November.  On this day students will receive their exam results and review and discuss their exams with their teachers. Exam results will not be released prior to attendance at class on Friday 19 November.  This is the ATAR students last day at College for 2021.  The Café will not be open on this day or during the exam period.

The timetable for ATAR classes on Friday, 19 November is six single periods as follows:


  • 8:25 am        Period 1 as normal
  • 9:25 am        Period 2, students will attend their Thursday Period 6 class
  • 10:25 am      Recess
  • 10:45 am      Period 3 as normal
  • 11:50 am       Period 4 as normal
  • 12:55 pm      Lunch
  • 1:30 pm        Period 5 as normal
  • 2:35 pm        Period 6 as normal

The day will conclude at 3:40 pm.  Bus timetables will run as normal for a Friday finish time.

For further information or queries, please contact the College on 6207 5500.