Student Resilient Youth Survey


Resilience refers to the ability to manage change to maintain and restore mental health and wellbeing, particularly after an adverse event.

A young person who is resilient might:
•    be optimistic
•    use positive self-talk for encouragement
•    have a positive sense of self
•    identify and express their feelings and thoughts
•    not hide away from strong feelings
•    have helpful, age-appropriate strategies to manage their emotions when upset
•    rearrange their plans to work around an unexpected situation
•    have a sense of agency or responsibility
•    keep on trying if something doesn't work out and use their judgment about when to stop
•    hold a sense of purpose or hope for the future
•    actively ask for help if they need it
•    feel a sense of attachment to family, their learning community and to learning.

To start the survey click on the following link:

Your Mentor Teacher will provide you with the 6 digit access code to access the survey.

The following web browsers are compatible: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge (whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone).

DO NOT use Internet Explorer as it is not supported.