Computer Science General

  • Course Code - GECSC

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Course Outline

This course will be ideal for students who are interested in computers and want to know a bit more about them and the Video Game Industry. It will deal with how computers work, building computers, setting up a small network as well as designing and creating Video Games.

The focus for this course is primarily the Gaming Industry and students will learn how to create and design Video Games using popular software such as GameMaker: Studio. Students will also learn the fundamentals of Information Systems and the importance of Databases and Spread sheets in a gaming context. Students investigate computer systems available and the various configurations needed to meet their personal needs.

Skills Outline

Some of the key concepts which will be covered include:
•    Hardware and Software
•    Basic maintenance of personal computers
•    Basic care for hardware
•    Build a computer from scratch including installing basic devices
•    Simple programming with GameMaker: Studio
•    Configuring a basic network for home and setting up the Internet
•    Ethics and social concerns of computers and gaming eg: security of data, firewalls

Minimum Entrance Requirements


Further Study

Year 12 - ICA20111 Certificate II in Information, Digital, Media Technology

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