Chemistry ATAR

  • Course Code - AECHE
  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

The Chemistry ATAR course equips students with the knowledge, understanding and opportunity to investigate properties and reactions of materials. Theories and models are used to describe, explain and make predictions about chemical systems, structures and properties. Students recognise hazards and make informed, balanced decisions about chemical use and sustainable resource management. Investigations and laboratory activities develop precision, critical analysis and informed decision making.

Understanding chemistry is relevant to a range of careers, including those in forensic and environmental science, engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and sports science.

The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units:

Unit 1 – Chemical fundamentals: structure, properties and reactions

Students use models of atomic structure and bonding to explain the macroscopic properties of materials. Energy changes associated with chemical reactions and the use of chemical equations to calculate the masses of substances involved in chemical reactions is explored.

Unit 2 – Molecular interactions and reactions

The understanding of bonding models and the relationship   between structure, properties and reactions, including consideration of the factors that affect the rate of chemical reactions. The unique properties of water, acids and bases, and use chemical equations to calculate the concentrations and volumes of solutions involved in chemical reactions is investigated.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

A/B Grade in Year 10 Science – Chemical and/or Physical science sub-strands
A/B Grade in Year 10 Mathematics

Further Study

Year 12 - Chemistry ATAR
Course Code ATCHE
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