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Latest News - Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther, AM - his thoughts about Mindarie Senior College

Mindarie Senior College & IDEAS

Emeritus Professor Crowther is widely regarded as one of the world's leading advocates of the teaching profession. In his profession he paints a very optimistic view of the future of schools, drawing on his research into school capacity-building to show that a new era is dawning for the 21st century teaching profession; what to anticipate, what to hope for, what to fear, enhancing pedagogy and practice, the importance of student voice, engagement and learning, and leadership and accountability.

As the principal architect of IDEAS( Innovative Designs for Enhancing the Achievements of Schools), he developed the process through a strategic alliance with Education Queensland and other education systems throughout Australia and in Singapore over the past ten years. It has been implemented in over 300 schools throughout Queensland schools and internationally.

Mindarie Senior College is one of his 300 schools that has participated in IDEAS since 2007. After consultation with Professor Crowther at a recent IDEAS forum he reflected on the results presented to him by Mindarie and annotated them as follows:

"It is very gratifying that Mindarie Senior College has maintained the very high level of quality that was identified in 2007 in the IDEAS Poject diagnostic surveys. Indeed, the quality of teaching and learning at Mindarie Senior College is perceived by teachers, and also by parents, as having improved over the three year period.

It can be said with every confidence that Mindarie Senior College is in the top echelon of Australian High Schools."

Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther, AM

University of Southern Queensland