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Latest News - Hayley Hoskin - state winner in the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year Award

State Winner in the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year

Congratulations go to Hayley Hoskin who is state winner in the WA Department Education’s 2010 Education Awards which acknowledge the valuable contributions of passionate, dedicated and outstanding public school teachers, principals and support staff in educating the children of Western Australia. Winners of individual awards receive prize money and professional learning opportunities which benefit not only the individual but also the school and, most importantly, the students.

Hayley has been named as a state finalist in the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year Award category. This award recognises six promising new teachers who have shown a distinct personal contribution to improve student Hayley Hoskinengagement, achievement and wellbeing. A natural educator Hayley’s enthusiasm for English is infectious. A keen learner Hayley is always up-skilling her knowledge to benefit her students, which included extending to a double degree in Arts at Edith Cowan University and making the Dean’s Honour Roll. Hayley meets the needs of individual students and makes English come alive through excursions to newspapers and libraries. Her peers credit her with being a positive young female role model who makes her students feel genuinely supported and cared for.

You can read a little more about this on Michael Mischin's website The Mischin Statement which provides information about Michael’s work on behalf of the residents of the North Metropolitan Region, or alternatively ECU or North Coast Times also have Hayley featured.

You can also see the full list of winners and finalists on The Department of Education website.