Visual Arts ATAR

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  • University Pathway

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Course Outline

The Visual Arts ATAR course encompasses the practice and theory of the broad areas of art, craft and design. Students have opportunities to express their imagination, develop personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of artwork. The Visual Arts ATAR course encourages students to develop problem-solving skills together with creative and analytical ways of thinking. 

Students will study two semester long themes, “Social Commentary” and “Point of View”. The course is separated into two equally weighted areas, Art Making and Art Interpretation.  Within Art Making students will be expected to produce an art journal exploring drawing, design, influences, media testing, documentation and reflection and a final work/s. Art Interpretation encompasses two areas, Critical Analysis and Investigation. Tasks will include analysing artworks, learning and applying art language, exploring art movements, artists influence upon art history and the students own work, writing artist statements and analytical and investigative essays. This course culminates in a written exam and practical exam, both of which are equally weighted and externally assessed.

Download the SCSA Full Course Syllabus here.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Completion of Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts Course

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