Geography ATAR

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Course Outline

These units focus on the changing environment and the planning of sustainable cities.

Unit 3 focuses on the changing biophysical environment on Earth, including local and world examples, and how human activities lead to a changing environment and ultimately climate change.

Unit 4 investigates the current challenge that exists in designing urban places that are productive, vibrant and sustainable. This unit has two contexts: Perth and New York City.

The study of these units helps to develop students’ investigation, communication and analytical skills in order to come to a balanced judgement and/or solution to complex issues that face the global human population.
Fieldwork, mapping and practical skills are important components of the Course.


Skills Outline

The Course aims to enable students to:

  • Interrelate the physical and human characteristics of place
  • Develop mapping and practical skills
  • Develop fieldwork skills necessary to gain an understanding of place, process and issues

Minimum Entrance Requirements

C Grade in Year 11 Geography, Economics, Political & Legal Studies, or History.

Further Study

Geography is a good preparation for several university courses and TAFE courses in Mapping, Mining, Travel and Tourism, Primary Industry, Science & Technical courses.

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