English General

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  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

Students explore attitudes, text structures and language features to understand a text’s meaning and purpose; examine relationships between context, purpose and audience in different language modes and types of texts, and their impact on meaning; consider how perspectives and values are presented in texts to influence specific audiences; develop and justify their own interpretations when responding to texts; and learn how to communicate logically, persuasively and imaginatively in different contexts, for different purposes, using a variety of types of texts. Students explore how ideas, attitudes and values are presented by synthesising information from a range of sources to develop independent perspectives; investigate differing perspectives and develop reasoned responses to these in a range of text forms for a variety of audiences; and consider intended purpose and audience response when creating their own persuasive, analytical, imaginative, and interpretive texts.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Satisfactory performance in Year 11 General English is preferred.

Coastal Cluster

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