Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)

  • Qualification Code - CUA20215 / AZN1
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $150.00

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This course is offered to students under the auspice of Central Institute of Technology (RTO 1988)

Course Outline

The focus for the second year of the certificate course is Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production.  It is a year-long, project-based curriculum that develops career and communication skills in digital video production, using Adobe tools.  It uses a project-based approach.

Skills Outline

Digital Design develops four key skill areas; project management and collaboration, design, research and communication, professional video and television production using video tools.

Students develop these key skills in a spiral – each project adds more challenging skills onto foundation proficiencies.  Students engage in skills to learn storytelling, capturing and editing video and audio, and finalizing content for DVD, web, or digital videotape.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Continuing on from Year 11 Certificate.

Further Study

Certificate IV and higher in Screen and Media.

Coastal Cluster

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