Wood - Material Design and Technology General

  • Course Code - GEMDTW
  • General Pathway

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Course Outline

The Woodwork Course offers students a unique learning opportunity by developing cognitive and communication skills within the Woodwork context. This course will provide & prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and critical participation in today’s modern technological world.

The course is about designing products in the classroom and making them in the workshop. They will investigate concepts related to the design of products, research concept development and learn various forms of working drawings, material/ costing lists and production procedures.

Throughout this process, the students will be encouraged to generate their own ideas through research of existing products, the processes involved and material suitability to the product. They will develop IT skills in the classroom and practical skills within the workshop environment such as the use of various tools, machinery and processes relevant to the tasks in a safety and effective environment.

Projects include, wooden geared clock, upholstered stool and a lathe project.

Skills Outline

The course is divided into three content areas:

  • Materials
  • Design
  • Use of Technology

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Successful experience in Woodwork desirable
Workshop Safety Compliance
Students are expected to wear safety glasses at all times in the workshop. Covered shoes are the minimum required standard of footwear.

Further Study

Year 12 - Wood - Materials Design and Technology – General Course Code GTMDTW

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