Textiles – Material Design and Technology General

  • Course Code - GEMDTT
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $92.00

See Additional Cost Item Information Sheet for additional costs. Major task projects will require additional student expenditure for materials.

Course Outline

The Materials Design and Technology course (in the context of TEXTILES) aims to provide the foundation for lifelong learning about how materials are developed and used in a technological and material world. Students will be encouraged to explore the range and properties of a variety of fabrics focussing on natural and synthetic fibres in these units.

Working with materials, students develop a range of manipulative, processing, manufacturing and organisational skills.  
All members of the class are required to participate in a fashion show and will have opportunities for entering fashion competitions.
Activities in this course enhance employability in areas that include textiles and clothing, manufacturing and design.

Skills Outline

  • Design fundamentals and skills portfolio
  • Design techniques
  • Design for the consumer
  • Nature of materials
  • Properties of new and traditional materials
  • Sewing techniques portfolio
  • Embellishment techniques
  • Pattern drafting and construction

Minimum Entrance Requirements


Note: Students will be supplied with general haberdashery, notions and fabric for sample work.  Students will be expected to supply fabric and notions for a personal garment project as a major task.

Further Study

Year 12 - Textiles – Materials Design and Technology – General Course Code GTMDTT

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