Design Photography - General

  • Course Code - GEDESP
  • General Pathway

Estimated Cost: $150.00

Course Outline

The Photography course develops students’ photographic skills and application of design elements and principles. With access to digital SLR cameras with a variety of lenses, lighting, and the full Adobe Creative Suite, the course also aims to improve student’s prospects for employment in the photographic and publishing industries.

Unit 1 – Design Fundamentals
The focus of this unit is to introduce the students to the design process through photography. Students will develop their photography skills and present their work in a published photography portfolio.

Unit 2 – Personal Design
Students will explore personal interests through photography using Adobe InDesign to create magazine layouts in a style of their choice.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Experience in photography would be advantageous

Further Study

Year 12 – Design (photography Units 3 and 4)

Coastal Cluster

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