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For general career development information and industry information and job profiles visit any of the following sites. Training WA Click on ‘the facts’ for information. to see videos of real life examples of careers. Go to News and Advice, Career Development and Career profiles. Click on cool jobs to find out about some more unusual jobs from criminologist to wine technician.

Hints on getting a job



Learn how to make a great first impression. Get advice on cover letters, resumes and interview techniques from either of the following websites. Click on News and Advice. and go to ‘salary, tips and advice’

What job might suit me?



Try these online quizzes to find out.

CareerOne offer the personality profiler at click on ‘career personality test’. It will take you 7 minutes to complete and you will get a short profile of your personality and jobs that are suited to it.

Do the Career Quiz at

or if you have a little more time, go to MyGuide at

Find a job



If you want to find job vacancies try; or

Alternatively, go straight to the websites of the companies you are interested in working for and look for links to careers or employment.

Some apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies are advertised on the 'Jobs Board' at

Just for fun...

Try the Simpson's Personality Quiz.Remember this is 'Just for fun'- it's not a test!

Click here to give it a go!

Start Here


Here’s where you start to explore what’s out there: Find out about different industries, read profiles of jobs that you might be interested in and get advice about how to be successful when applying for work.


career FAQ
search for job profiles within industry types, compare salaries and get some industry specific resumes and cover letters.

there are some great  job profiles with online videos where people are talking about their careers and how they got where they are today.

Click on the “news and advice tab’ to find out a wealth of useful information

Start thinking outside the square, look at unusual jobs that might match your skills and watch videos about some cool jobs like computer animators and wine technicians.

start with an industry you are interested in and find out about the variety of jobs that are available or get information about specific jobs
Start with the subjects that you enjoy  or are good at and find out about all the occupations that are linked to that subject. It makes sense to do something that you enjoy!
Job Guide has five steps to ‘build your career’ as well as profiles of different occupations for you to read about.

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